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Entrepreneurs are taking the next steps to build their business. The successful ones keep up with current trends so that the tools and resources they’re using are working for them in today’s world. We know that this can be a huge undertaking emotionally, physically and financially. We can help alleviate a lot of that by helping you rebrand your business into the modern age, and getting you on your way to focusing on the most important things.

Most entrepreneurs are not film people, they’re not graphic designers, and they’re not web designers. We are. We are filmmakers, and we are passionate about storytelling. We have worked with many small businesses, as well as some of the big guys. Let us help shape and build the story that your business deserves, through all digital media.

With experience in all branding aspects, we work with our clients to ensure that they get absolutely everything they want. Without having to cut corners, we know how to provide a high-quality product and service with exceptional value that both small and big businesses love and come to expect from us. There are a lot of digital products and services out there that will greatly benefit your business. Luckily, you don’t have to shop numerous places of varying quality to get what you need.

RED Epic Camera Rentals

Our RED EPIC camera is available to rent! If you are in Central Florida (Orlando, Daytona Beach, Tampa), North Florida (Jacksonville, Tallahassee) or the South Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm) area, this is the perfect camera package for your next production!

Camera Package Contents:
(1) RED Epic camera body, (1) 5" Touch LCD, (2) 128 GB SSD, (1) 64 GB SSD, (1) RED Matte Box, (1) RED Clutch Shoulder Mount, (1) Top Handle, (1) Tripod, (1) Bomb EVF, (2) RED Brick Batteries, (4) REDvolt Batteries, (1) USB 3.0 Card Reader

Damian Cardona

co-founder / producer

A film graduate from Full Sail University with a Master’s in Entertainment Business and a Master’s in Media Design. Damian oversees all productions to make sure the client, crew and talent are happy and that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Al Krakosky

co-founder / creative director

A 2010 graduate from the Film program at Full Sail University. Al uses his creative genius to cover all grounds. He directs, is a storyboard artist, does camera work, and is our Post-Production Supervisor.

Daniel Reinecke

co-founder / cinematographer

A 2010 graduate from the Film program at Full Sail University. As our Cinematographer, Daniel is responsible for the visual style in all our projects.